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EDIBLE MARIJUANAReinforce that marijuana is still illegal and unsafe for teens


Is It Safe?

Reinforce the fact that marijuana—in all forms—is still illegal and unsafe for teen use. Interviews with doctors and counselors explain the science of why the THC in edible marijuana causes unpredictable and dangerous highs. They warn that because metabolizing edible marijuana produces a different response than smoking it, it's all too easy to underestimate its potency, stressing that teens are more susceptible than adults to brain damage from marijuana use of any kind. Student handouts, a 37-page teacher's resource book, and a pre/posttest are provided in digital format. Grades 7–12. Closed captioned. Color. 18 minutes. Human Relations Media. ©2016.

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HRM686DV-WBHLT 9781627060813 DVD (widescreen) $149.95

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