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Programmable infant manikins cry, coo, and burp in response to appropriate care. Useful for teaching proper baby handling and care, what these bawling Ready-or-Not Tots do better than an "egg baby," "flour sack baby," or "plant baby" is convince most teenagers that they really, really, really aren't ready for babies. Teachers can set up four different baby tending programs—three "normal baby" programs with different patterns of 25 to 27 fussy periods in a 48-hour period and one alcohol- or drug-affected baby program that fusses 31 times in 48 hours. Care periods range from five to 20 minutes, but a teacher-activated "day care pause" can suspend crying jags during the school day and a "panic key" allows students to pause the simulation to handle real-life emergencies. An easy-to-use teacher correction template allows for quick student evaluation, and teachers are alerted if a student has abused the simulator, used the panic key, or tampered with the control box. Made of soft vinyl with movable heads, the lifelike, anatomically correct, newborn-sized intermediate manikins each come with one set of student keys, one set of teacher keys, a reproducible parental consent form, a reproducible student response sheet, a diaper, a nine-volt battery, and instructions. Nasco.

QuantityOrder CodeISBNMedia/ContentPrice
NAS119-WBHLT Asian female manikin $340.00
NAS121-WBHLT Asian male manikin $340.00
NAS122-WBHLT Black female manikin $340.00
NAS123-WBHLT Black male manikin $340.00
NAS124-WBHLT Brown female manikin $340.00
NAS125-WBHLT Brown male manikin $340.00
NAS126-WBHLT White female manikin $340.00
NAS127-WBHLT White male manikin $340.00

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